Science Women Voice -Epi 3 : « Promoting the education of young girls and women is not for their sole benefit, but for that of their entire family and community » says Abertina Kakora Jarawura Phd Candidate-UDS Ghana.

This month,  All For Sciences Media‘s Science Women Voice (SWV) initiative takes you to Ghana..

This initiative aims to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 5: gender equality. More specifically, our aim is to highlight the achievements of women scientists, trace their careers and tell their stories.

Our aim is to inspire young girls by offering them role models, to encourage them to enter the scientific sector.

For this episode, we are honored to welcome a woman scientist from Ghana, M. Abertina Kakora Jarawura Phd Candidate-UDS Ghana.

We invite you to immerse yourself in her inspiring story.

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